Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New "End Times" Date

There is a new group out there setting a new date of August 2, 2027. Siteing Amos 8.9 as a proof text for this date the group believes on this day there will be an eclipse described in the passage. The web address is

Historically there have always been date setters and there will most likely always be date setters.  I suppose the question to ask is what causes certain personalities to want to commit themselves to a date when of when Christ will return?  When we consider the many predictions that have been made with 0% accuracy rate, why would anyone set themselves up for a false predictions.  Moreover, Christ told his disciples concerning the re-establishment of the kingdom that it isn't for them to know the time or the season (cf. Acts 1.7, 1 Thessalonians 5.1)?

To answer the question why people set dates might almost be as productive as trying to set the date.  However, over the years I have observed several reasons why people do this.  Some use the date setting to instill fear believing that they can scare someone into the kingdom of God.  Others want to be "in the know"and present themselves "more knowledgeable than thou".  Interestingly this personality is prominent among conspiracy theorists because some of the conspiracy theories are worked in to many of the end times scenarios giving the individual the feeling of being "in the know."

No matter what the motive end times dating should never be practiced in the body of Christ. As our Lord has said in Acts 1 there are somethings that are not for us to know.  We are all prone to it.  Many well intending pastors with good reputations have done it.  What we haven't seen are leaders being placed on Church discipline for doing it.  We would do well as the body of Christ to always remember that the purpose of the eschaton or "end" is to comfort us letting us know that while our salvation is presently secure we look forward to the final consumation of our adoption in Christ at His return.  Outside of this we run the risk of encouraging scoffers to ask "where is the promise of His coming?" 


Denny Fusek said...

According to the clock, the eclipse does not pass over Israel at noon. At noon, it is broad daylight.

Anonymous said...

13:00 Israel Daylight Time is the same as 12:00 Israel Standard Time.